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Book Review: The New Social Story Book

The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray

My life has been a big bowl of chaos lately and I haven't been posting some of the things that I wanted to, but I really wanted to share my thoughts on this book.

Ethan is now 10 years old and finishing the 4th grade. This year we've seen a lot of changes in his behavior, anxiety level, and even expression. I think it's a mix of those pre-pubescent hormones kicking in as well as scattered bits of delayed social development that probably happened for his peers in the first to second grade range.

One of my purchases this spring was The New Social Story Book because I wanted some 'home' curriculum of social stories. After reading reviews I settled on this book and I'm quite satisfied. I think a lot of the social story books that I had seen in the past were targeting pre-school to 1st grade kids as well as much lower functioning kids. Carol Gray's book is most definitely targeting late elementary to middle school higher functioning kids. The language is mature and straight forward, but still appealing to a child.

We've been using the book for two months now and I'm very pleased. Ethan is fine with reading the stories together and discussing them and he's liked several of the 'activities'. We started with the intro, but then skipped around to the areas that he was having the most immediate need. The book tackles many critical areas for kids on the spectrum such as change, mistakes, bullying, school, as well as basic social skills areas such as greetings and parties. There's also a large section dealing with feelings, emotions, and feeling comfortable. I really like her 'Fort Able' concept.

The front section of the book contains a lot of great information for the parent or therapist who wants to learn about social story construction and usage.

There's a CD that includes pdf and word copies of the book to print out if desired for group activity or printing some of the activity sheets to fill out.

This book is an excellent resource. My plan is to continue using the book in higher frequency and having Ethan do a lot of the activities throughout the summer. And absolutely, this book is a great resource for neurotypical children as well! Everyone can benefit from thinking about and discussing social stories, even me:)

Available all sorts of places but here's the Amazon Link: The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray



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Jun. 16th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Emotional Disregulation

I read a blog you did back in 2009 and wondered how your son was doing with his emotional disregulation. My son is 11 and has the same issues, not quite as bad as a few years ago, but still a major issue for him.

I've found something that I think is going to work well for him. It's called "The Incredible 5 Point Scale" and it is to help the child become aware and be able to indicate when he/she is becoming overwhelmed. The author has geared the explanation more to apprehension or anxiety, when I think my son becomes frustrated, but in any event the goal is to help them become self aware so they can compensate to bring the level down.

Worth checking in to, I think.

Donna Cooper
Jun. 17th, 2011 12:40 am (UTC)
Re: Emotional Disregulation
hi, thanks,
good tip, we started using the 5 pt scale about 2-3 years ago, and still use it for helping to easily identify his emotional state and talk about it. We also have the book when my emotions get too big that goes with it. We used it for both our boys (Autistic and neurotypical). It hasn't helped with dealing with in the heat of the moment anxiety, but it's been a good tool for discussion of his emotions.

thanks for stopping by :)
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