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I often kid around that I'm part Vulcan. I tend to put more stock in logic than emotion and often am baffled by the influence that emotions can have on people. In some ways, I see Ethan and his autism as having Vulcan similarities and I see Spock as a bit of role model in some ways. Spock thinks differently. Spock behaves differently and his behavior is more influenced by facts, logic, circumstance, almost anything but emotion. There is a certain parallel with Ethan and how he views the world and the people in it.

Then on Next Generation you've got Data. Again another character, not quite human, learning to deal with the complexities of human behavior and emotion. Fascinating, as Spock might say. I often see Ethan's trying to adapt to human social behavior as much like Data's. Analyzing it and trying to come up with a step by step process or algorithm rather than the way most people do it with intuition and instinct. Like Data, Ethan hasn't been hardwired for human social behavior and interaction.

Voyager also had a great parallel. Seven of Nine, rescued and severed from the Borg collective. She also has no experience with human social interaction and is often blunt to the point of being socially offensive. She doesn't intuitively understand the need to censor her thoughts. She's constantly confused by human social conventions. She goes out of her way to learn and practice them. I see a lot of Ethan there as well.

So no, none of these characters are on the Autism Spectrum, but the struggle with human social conventions, emotions, and behavior does have striking similarites with those on the specturm. Needless to say, I enjoy watching Star Trek (ToS, TNG, and Voy) with Ethan and especially love the episodes the focus on pertinent themes for the characters mentioned above.