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Happy New Year and 1st Semester of High School

Wow, 2015 flew by. We spent the vacation week in Los Angeles seeing Star Wars The Force awakens and checking out the Warner Brothers Studio and the California Science Center (learning about upcoming Mars exploration). Ethan truly enjoys going places and checking out ineractive exhibits. He loves movies and has always had an uncanny memory for release dates both past and future. Seriously, we can ask Ethan for the known release dates of upcoming Star Wars and Marvel Comicbook Universe films and get faster answers than we would to look up on Wikipedia. Naturally, he enjoys movies and learning all the behind the scenes things. It makes me wonder if a career in the movie tech industry wouldn't suit him well.

His first semester of high school went really well. Finals were a challenge. It was his first time learning to study for large comprehensive exams. There's room to grow in that respect, but overall he had all A's with one B- in English, which is the hardest subject for him. Lots of higher order thinking and analysis are the challenge. We'll continue to work with him on his thought organization and writing. Math and Science come easy to him. He's also been taking Drama as an elective which turned out to be what we hoped. He's working on voice, body language, facial expressions, character, etc. It's practically a speech pragmatics class but more fun thinking about movies and theatre in a big class of 30-40 kids, but they often break into pairs and small groups.

We have a tri-ennial IEP coming up and we need to think about his schedule and supports for next year. He's on college track and will need to start Spanish in addition to Eng, Math, and I think History. Next year will be harder for sure. We'll continue to take it as it comes.

If there was one thing I'd really love to see him attempt, it's to make a new friend or two. He has lots of classmates and acquaintances that he'll say 'hi' to in passing, but he hasn't had interest in forging a friendship. He's very solitary and prefers it that way. He has a friend that he's had since kinder that he will sometimes eat lunch with and get together outside of school, but other than that, it's his brother that is his social companion. I suppose it has to happen organically, but I wish he'd find another friend or two to connect with and socialize with outside of school. I'd love to see his social interest develop. He has very little right now.

He spent two weeks away at summer camp last year and this coming summer we've planned for 4 weeks away. I think it'll be a good experience for him both from the independence and life experience standpoint, but I also think having the additional 2 weeks might allow him to forge some summer camp friendships.

All in all a good year with lots of growth and development and academic learning.
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