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Some useful links and portals

Some links that I've found helpful or informative over the years...

Personal Websites, Therapy Models, and Autism portals:

Autism Speaks
ABA Resources for Recovery from Autism
Beyond Autism Great resource page and in particular has huge treasure trove of freePECS
Autism Society of America
Autism Web
Do to Learn (good sournce of free PECS and activities)
Wrights Law (I also get their newsletter)
RDI connect
The DSM IV criteria for the autistic disorders
California Dept of Developmental Services
MSNBC special autism coverage
Parents Helping Parents (great CA Bay Area organization)
Integrated Playgroups (Pamela Wolfberg)
Social Thinking (Michelle Garcia Winner)
ELCA (San Jose CA service provider)
polyxo.com (neat teaching resources)

We have found language videos and video modeling extremely helpful - personal recs:

Model Me Kids (video modeling for social skills)
Baby Bumblebee (Early language videos)